Terms &Conditions

  • Booking charges once made will not be refunded under any circumstances. Under genuine reasons the party can transfer the dates subject to availability.
  • The occupant and their party should take care of their own articles/baggages. The sowbhagya Mahal authorities are not responsible to the applicant or his guest, for any loss or damage caused or for any of their properties on any account during their occupation.
  • If extra illumination is required, it shall be done only after obtaining the previous permission from the Management of their authorized representatives.
  • The occupation day shall be calculated from 12.00 midnight to 12.00 next Midnight.
  • Consumption of Alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the mandapam premises. Smoking is prohibited inside the HALL. Cleaning charges will be charged if beeda spitting is found in any place.
  • Cooking and/ or catering should be organized only at the kitchen/ dining Halls and at no other place in the premises.
  • The applicant shall make arrangements to ensure orderly parking of vehicles at the place designated for the purpose and adhere strictly to the routes for the movement of vehicles.
  • The applicant shall be manage to remove all his/her articles from the Hall before the expiry of the booked period. The other agencies arranged by him shall also remove their fittings etc. immediately after the function is over.
  • No Poster/Nails/Flags should be pasted or fixed inside the Halls, in the campus and also in the outer side of the compound wall while conducting the functions
  • The party holds the responsibilities for any damages to the interiors and liable to pay the charges fixed by the management.
  • Use of Pan/ Beeda strictly prohibited. (The fine will be decided by management)
  • Management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions as and when required
  • Management is not liable for failure of services, rendered by the management, such as A/C/ Lighting/Generator etc. due to reasons beyond the control of management.
  • The party should not take away anything belonging to the mahal outside the premises of mahal.
  • Cooking or intake of non-vegetarian food or whatever kind inside the Mahal strictly prohibited.
  • Fire crackers are strictly prohibited within the premises.
  • The tariff is fixed.
  • Decoration by Marriage Hall contractor is accepted.
  • Management is not responsible for any natural calamities.
  • TV or LCD’s from outside are not allowed.

The Ayswariya Mahal is a centrally located, well architected Kalyana Mandapam with outstanding features and excellent amenities. Marriages are a divine celebration of joining hands for life. Marriages are a divine celebration of joining hands for life.

“-- Anu | Ambattur