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Ayswariya Mahal

The Ayswariya Mahal is a beautifully structured, well maintained and grand looking Auditorium created especially for the best wedding celebrations that take place in the city. In a city like Chennai where cinema and grandiose have a lot of influence on the common people, one mind thought about making this grandiose come true in reality. Mr. George Joseph (Wilson) the man behind this dream come true one day thought this beautiful city which is filled with ambitious people is running short of grand auditoriums to cater to the big and small events and gatherings. It is not every day that families invite a huge crowd to celebrate and witness a happy event. Marriages and such special events are the only time when all yours folks, friends and well-wishers come from every part of the world to give their blessings. So that one special day which is celebrated and remembered by the family should be an unforgettable happy occasion for everyone who participates.

Mr. George Joseph wanted to spot a location in the city which is easily accessible by everyone. And found an extraordinary point where transporting to the place is easy for everyone in and outside the city. Mr. George Joseph decided on 100feet Road which runs for a long distance across the city. The man put his heart and soul and worked hard on building up a beautiful auditorium with extraordinary facilities and all modernity.

In the year 2001 this beautiful masterpiece was built and completed. Today this unique auditorium has witnessed close to 3000 weddings, hundreds of events, exhibitions and prayer meetings. Keeping in mind the problems our guests might face in parking their vehicles we have increased the parking space further up to 10,000 sq. ft. Ayswariya Mahal is known today for its auspiciousness which is very essential for every wedding. Everyone who is married here can be assured a happy life together with the blessings of all the guests who arrive on your special day and ours.

Sowbhagya Mahal

Sowbhagya Mahal is a stable part of the Ayswariya Mahal. It is an equally grand Auditorium. as Mr. George Joseph wanted this beautiful city to have all the more beautiful auditoriums in it, he decided not to stop with just one Auditorium but wanted to build more auditoriums with equally good facilities as the Ayswariya Mahal.

The Sowbhagya Mahal is a well architected modern Mahal which has all the facilities that are necessary for a top class experience. Sowbhagya Mahal is located in the same building as the Ayswariya Mahal. This beautiful masterpiece also has outstanding auspiciousness as an added quality which is a driving in factor for everyone. Its location is very convenient for its guests.

The Ayswariya Mahal is a centrally located, well architected Kalyana Mandapam with outstanding features and excellent amenities. Marriages are a divine celebration of joining hands for life. Marriages are a divine celebration of joining hands for life.

-- Anu | Ambattur